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10 Point of Sale Terminal Training Tips All Business Owners Need to Know

Good training is important to your business working smoothly. Here are 10 Point of Sale terminal training tips all business owners need to know! 

The benefits of properly trained cashiers include less fraud, effectiveness, and accuracy. It is essential to provide a comprehensive cash register training for all of your employees who might process payments and transactions. The Point of Sale terminal training tips will help you train your employees and accomplish smoother onboarding, better efficiency, and fraud reduction.


Successfully trained employees will not only process payments fastly and correctly, but they will also provide a friendly face to your business. The POS terminal training tips we will present in this article help simplify the checkout process and make your job easier:

Use a POS system that is easy to install and use. The POS system needs to be tailored to your business needs and purposes. Square is a free and secure Point of Sale system that is designed for ease of use and speed. This POS system runs on Android and Apple devices.

– If you have a high product volume, we recommend you to buy a barcode scanner.

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– If you still use paper receipts, you can show your cashier how to load a new receipt and give them some time to practice so they don’t confuse or make a mistake when a customer comes in. The best option if you are asking us is to switch to a Point of Sale terminal with digital receipts.

– Run your business with a Point of Sale software that is intuitive to use. It will help you and your employees to operate the system with confidence.

– Run your training during a slow time during the workday. You can practice making purchases and go through the entire payment glow. You can also cancel transactions and practice issues refunds.

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– In order for you to protect your business, the POS terminal training should include tips to reduce fraud and money-handling best practices. You need to explain exactly how much money is in the float at the start of the working day or each shift and carefully explain the process for counting money at the start and end of each shift. You need to know who unlocks the safe and who is responsible for signing off on the money.

– Many business owners set rules that if the cash register is more than $3 over or under what it should normally be, there is an investigation. You need to decide your business’ tolerance for money shortages and discuss it with your employees. You can create a cash-handling policy and have your employees sign it.

– Use a Point of Sale terminal that allows you to manage employee access. The more sensitive business data will be protected and only accessible to senior employees and managers. For example, Square’s POS system has a secure employee permission.

– Learn the rules of PCI compliance, especially if you accept credit card information.

– Despite your employee’s best efforts, there are things that may go wrong sometimes and make customers angry. You need to have a plan and an approved way of how you will handle angry customers. For example, you need to stay calm. We know that this is a little bit difficult, especially if someone is yelling at you. However, you need to take a deep breath and remember not to take anything personally. Usually, the customers who are upset have something to get off their chest, so before you get into a fight, you can hear what they have to say.

Now that you are familiar with these training tips, organize a comprehensive training and get ready to accept payments.

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