3 Biggest Advantages of Using an iPad POS (Point of Sale) System for Your Small Business

//3 Biggest Advantages of Using an iPad POS (Point of Sale) System for Your Small Business

3 Biggest Advantages of Using an iPad POS (Point of Sale) System for Your Small Business

There are numerous advantages of using an iPad POS system for your small business and here are the 3 most important ones!


Coolness is just one of the reasons why you need to use an iPad device as a POS or Point of Sale system. As a matter of fact, the cool factor was one of the reasons why the owners of coffee shop and bars decided to use an iPad POS system.

However, using an iPad as a Point of Sale system comes with a lot more than coolness. Besides the cool factor, the 3 biggest advantages of using such a system for your small business are:

  1. Cost Savings: When compared to a POS system, the expenses can be huge. While a traditional POS system can cost around $20.000, an iPad POS system with a cash drawer, an iPad, and receipt printer can cost around $1000. You will have to pay a monthly fee (the monthly fees usually start at $69) per register per month. The fees depend on which register and package you choose.
  2. They Are Powerful Customer Service Tools: For small businesses such as bars and restaurants, the lightweight and portability of the iPad and other mobile devices mean you can make paying the bill easier for your customers. You can take the iPad directly to customers’ tables. The iPad and smartphones can do something that other Point of Sale systems can’t. They can also serve as catalogs of your merchandise. Think of how much your sales and revenues could improve if a customer is completely satisfied and happy with your service.
  3. It is a Good Sales Strategy: We suppose you did notices that an increasing number of shoppers are entering the stores with mobile phones in hand, armed with the power of the internet and all kinds of applications. They are standing there in your store analyzing and comparing your products and prices to your biggest competitors and checking reviews and ratings. This is something that the traditional POS hardware can’t do. The traditional POS system is not designed to upsell or cross-sell or pre-sale.

Using an iPad POS system can provide great benefits in terms of cost savings, especially when it is compared to traditional Point of Sale systems. This is a chance for you to increase your sales and improve the customer service experience.

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